June 8th




Sun Salutation Yog-a-thon with Melanie Green benefitting Vote Save America


June 8, 2024


June 8th


Berkeley Yoga Center 2121 Bonar St


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About this Event

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Tickets REquired

Tickets REquired


75 minutes

Age Requirement

Fundraiser For

Vote Save America

Vote Save America supports grassroots organizations and down ballot candidates in key districts. Founded by the creators of the popular podcast Pod Save America, VSA has raised over $56 MILLION for candidates and grassroots organizations, signed up over 211,000 volunteer shifts, recruited over 30,000 poll workers and has helped over 885,000 people register or checked their registration status.

About The Organizer

Melanie Green

Melanie Green will be teaching a yoga class and incorporating Sun Salutations throughout. Students will have individuals sponsor them for each sun salutation they complete OR they can sponsor themselves. Sun Salutations are the way that we honor and greet the sun every time we practice yoga. We greet the sun, to say thank you and express gratitude, for without the sun life on the Earth would cease to exist. In this Yog-a-thon we will bring this meaning into action by bringing the teachings of Ahimsa, to do no harm, into action and off the mat as we raise money for Democracy - putting people into leadership in our country who protect all people's basic human rights, fight racism and oppression, and protect people's right to vote. Find out more about Melanie at www.melyoga.com.